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"EMDR sessions with Paul have made a big difference to my depression.
I feel less stressed
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My Experience as a Therapist and Counsellor

I was at the Complaints Investigation Bureau (CIB) at New Scotland Yard when the Broadwater Farm riots took place in 1985. This resulted in the murder of a police officer who was violently and fatally attacked by one of the rioters. Many police officers suffered from severe trauma as a result of dealing with the riots and the death of their colleague.

Soon after, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police decided that eight members of staff should be selected to obtain professional qualifications as psychological counsellors, in order to provide counselling for officers and staff in each of the eight Metropolitan Police areas.The purpose was to help officers who found themselves involved in traumatic incidents and who also required support for other personal issues that might have an effect on their performance.

I was one of the eight employees selected for training by the Roehampton University. In 1992 I obtained my diploma in Psychological Counselling.

After graduation I went on to do further studies on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and at the time was amongst the first to work with traumatized police officers. As the counsellor responsible for approximately 5000 police officers in two areas, I was involved in numerous incidents which required psychological debriefings and trauma counselling. This also meant working closely with the Metropolitan Police psychiatrist based at Hendon College.

" EMDR therapy with Paul has surpassed my expectations.
My post-traumatic stress is gone and I feel relaxed. "

Experience of Major Incidents

Some of the high profile cases I was involved in included working with officers involved in shooting incidents and stabbings as well as those who witnessed serious road traffic accidents and others who themselves suffered severe injuries. My role was also to provide support to their families, as those who suffered from PTSD had an impact on their families due to their change in personalities.

Other well known cases included counselling police officers who were involved in the Marchioness disaster on Thames division and officers who dealt with mutilated bodies as a result of the Clapham Junction train crash. Other similar high profile incidents included the King Cross fire and the bombing of the City of London. I was also directly involved with the police officer dubbed "the man who saved London" when he intercepted a lorryload of explosives concealed in manure which was destined to cause maximum damage to the City of London. The officer was shot twice in the process and received an award for bravery from the Queen.

Since retiring from the Metropolitan Police I have worked for many companies, helping employees suffering from PTSD. I have also worked with victims of more recent high profile incidents such as the July 7 bombing of the London Underground and Buses by a group of terrorists.

On a separate occasion I was involved to support and counsel members of a company affected by the Potters Bar train crash and through an Employee Assistance Programme I was referred journalists working for Reuters who suffered severe trauma during their assignments in Iraq and other parts of the world. Included among those were some journalists who witnessed the Twin Towers atrocities.

Yet another high profile incident I was involved in was the Mumbai terrorists attack in India. This involved psychological debriefings and one-to-one counselling.

I am an accredited EMDR therapist in UK, Europe and Ireland and I receive many referrals from GPs and these include individuals who have suffered from child abuse, rape, anxiety, agoraphobia and other neuropathologies which stemmed from earlier childhood experiences.

"Thanks to EMDR with Paul, I have less anxiety,
which has made a huge difference to my life"

Other Experience

EMDR has proved very useful in a variety of mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, depression and numerous phobias and disorders. For example, I have treated several people who have been on long-term sickness and absences from work because of moderate or severe depression and anxiety.

All have benefited from EMDR and returned to work after a few weeks. Some were able to return to normal life after years of being unable to leave their homes, or after having been involved in horrific accidents or violent attacks. Using EMDR, I have helped adolescents suffering from various eating disorders and surrounding issues and also with bereavement. I have also helped people with relationship difficulties and successfully enabled them to resolve their problems.

My Qualifications

"After years of using other therapies I was stunned at how quickly EMDR worked.
Paul is a very skilled therapist and counsellor. I recommend him highly"