Paul Kelly - EMDR

"EMDR sessions with Paul have made a big difference to my depression.
I feel less stressed
in my everyday life"

Paul's Experience as a Psychotherapist and EMDR Practitioner

Before opening his private practice, Paul was employed at New Scotland Yard as a psychological counsellor. As part of a team of eight, Paul was responsible for 30,000 police who suffered from severe post traumatic stress reactions and who required specialist treatment in PTSD. This was undertaken, working in conjunction with the police psychiatrist based at Hendon Police College.

Some of the high-profile incidents in which Paul was involved, included the King’s Cross fire, the Marchioness disaster which happened on the Thames and the bombing of the City of London.

"EMDR therapy with Paul has surpassed my expectations.
My post-traumatic stress is gone and I feel relaxed. "

In his private practice, Paul’s clients benefit from the many years’ experience he has accrued as a result of having worked with police officers. Further, his integrative approach to psychotherapy is drawn from his experience in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy, PTSD and Complex Trauma, as well as relationship issues and general neuropathology.

Paul treats a variety of clients coming from every walk of life. Some are GP referrals, medical company referrals and police officers. Others attend as a result of recommendations by clients who had been treated previously.

"Thanks to EMDR with Paul, I have less anxiety,
which has made a huge difference to my life"

Paul's Qualifications

"After years of using other therapies I was stunned at how quickly EMDR worked.
Paul is a very skilled therapist and counsellor. I recommend him highly"

Some Relevant Specialist Training

"To Paul Kelly. Your help has been invaluable. Many thanks."
- A notable singer, songwriter and musician